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From the Region Health Services Officer

I was appointed Rocky Mountain Region Health Services Officer on 8 February 2021. I am a Physician in private practice in Cheyenne, WY. I’ve lived here for more than thirty years. I’ve served in CAP for more than six years to date. My prior service was as a Major in the Medical Corps in the US Army Reserve. I’ve attained Level V in CAP and have been busy in the specialty fields of Safety and Professional Development during my tenure in CAP. I am also a Commercial Pilot (ASEL, ASES, Instrument Airplane) and I have Private Pilot qualifications (AME:, AMES, Glider). I’m a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner for the FAA. I am prequalifying to again be a Transport Mission Pilot, ultimately I aim to become a Mission Pilot.

My qualifications notwithstanding, I’m serving on a committee under Lt Col Stephen Leighton, MD, currently Associate Director of Health Services, working to better define the roles and responsibilities as well as training for HSOs at all echelons in CAP. Much of the fruits of these labors will be found in the new regs and pamphlet to be released.

My role, as much as anything, will be education of HSOs at all levels in the Region and a Point of Contact for those with questions. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find it or at least bring the question to higher authority.

By the same token, I am asking any with a specialization in a Health Services field or allied discipline to contribute articles for publication I hope to get articles of interest to the Region published more or less monthly as duties and responsibilities allow. Likewise, those with questions or salient comments will probably see their names in print. I envision this feature to take the form of a moderated blog. I do reserve the right to edit for grammar, punctuation and readability.

My contact information:

email: hribnik@cap.gov (this may change to a Region assigned email)

cell: 307-630-5186 If I’m busy seeing a patient or something, leave a message


Harlan R Ribnik, MD, Lt Col CAP

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