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Last Updated: 24 February 2021

Duty Position Rank Full name
Commander Col Jeffrey L. Johnson jjohnson@cap.gov
Vice Commander Col Alisha Cope acope@cap.gov
Chief of Staff Lt Col Jeffrey W. Rogers jrogers@cap.gov
Vice Chief of Staff Maj Arthur Hardin ahardin@cap.gov
Region NCO Support
Command Chief CMSgt Noel Furniss chief@rmr.cap.gov
Command NCO MSgt Salvator Chiporo nco@rmr.cap.gov
Region Chaplain Capt (CH) David Knight dknight@hc.cap.gov
Inspector General Lt Col Kevin Forbes Unlisted
Safety Officer Lt Col John Mitchell jmitchell@cap.gov
Government Relations Col Celeste Gamache Unlisted
Legal Officer Col David Simmons Unlisted
CAC Chair C/Col Adam Carey cac@rmr.cap.gov
Aerospace Education
Deputy Chief of Staff - AE   VACANT ae@rmr.cap.gov
Internal AEO Lt Col Kevin Holbrook kholbrook@cap.gov
Asst. Internal AEO   VACANT  
External AEO   VACANT  
Asst. External AEO Capt Blanche Cohen bcohen@cap.gov
Cadet Programs
Deputy Chief of Staff - CP Maj Timothy Thornton cp@rmr.cap.gov
Director - Cadet Activities Lt Col Debrah Archer Debrah.Archer@cowg.cap.gov
Cadet Programs Development
Encampments Maj Tim Everhard teverhard@cap.gov
Ceremonies Capt Ashley Schuler Unlisted
Communications 1st Lt Andrew Varnes Unlisted
HART Director Maj Scott Heins sheins@cap.gov
Special Activities   VACANT  
Region Cadet Competition   VACANT  
CP Functional Manager   VACANT  
Deputy Chief of Staff - Ops Lt Col Rand Woodward rwoodward@cap.gov
ES Director Lt Col Kent Hopkins khopkins@cap.gov
Counterdrug Lt Col David Hurtado dhurtado@cap.gov
Standards & Evaluations Lt Col David Novotny dnovotny@cap.gov
Critical Incident Stress (CISM) Maj Laura Furniss laura.furniss@mtwg.cap.gov
Deputy Chief of Staff - LG Capt Mel Niedfeldt mniedfeldt@cap.gov
Education and Training
Deputy Chief of Staff - E&T Lt Col Justin Bekker jbekker@cap.gov
Director - Development Programs Capt Ken Prince kprince@cap.gov
Deputy Chief of Staff - COMM Maj Kristin Freeman kfreeman@cap.gov
Communications Engineering Maj Harry Blakeman hblakeman@cap.gov
Human Resources
Director of Administration Lt Col Donna Todd dtodd@cap.gov
Director of Public Affairs Maj Mike Fassi mfassi@cap.gov
Asst. Director of Public Affairs Lt Col Mike Daniels mdaniels@cap.gov
Region Historian Lt Col Barry Sullins bsullins@cap.gov
Health Services Officer Lt Col (Dr) Harlan Ribnik hribnik@cap.gov
Functional Support
Director of Cyber Programs Lt Col Eugene Packer epacker@cap.gov
Director of Plans & Programs   VACANT  
Director of Information Technology Maj Todd Gamber tgamber@cap.gov
Asst. Director of IT Maj Tim Anderson tanderson@cap.gov
Website Manager 2nd Lt Donaven Haderlie webmaster@rmr.cap.gov
Director of Financial Management Lt Col Kristen Nolan knolan@cap.gov
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