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The following mountain training courses are offered as a training alternative to the traditional one-on-one or in-person classroom instruction methods—these courses offer video instruction for pilots to learn at their convenience outside of a scheduled classroom environment. The coursework is based on the Mountain Fury training materials, but updated to reflect the equipment (G1000, Becker DF), tools (ForeFlight) and environment (high density altitude and terrain) common to the Rocky Mountain Region. The use of these courses also serves to optimize Instructor Pilot, Mission Check Pilot, Skill Trainer or Evaluator’s time while ensuring a complete and standardized training approach is employed. 

Mountain Flying Training: Training required for an initial CAPF 70-5 Mountain Flight Endorsement and for recurring training for the annual CAPF 70-5. 

Mountain Flying Certification: Training required for SAR/DR Mission Pilots to gain the experience to search in close proximity to terrain and for biannual recurring training for the CAPF 70-91. 

How to use: 

  1.  Access the desired course. 
  1. Complete the training video. 
  1. Take the course exam. The exam is open book so you may use the video, course slides or reference materials as a resource. 
  1. Provide the exam results to a unit or wing Instructor Pilot, Mission Check Pilot or Skills Evaluator for grading. An 80% score is required to pass. 
  1. Schedule a training sortie.  

Students: Check with your unit Emergency Services Training or Operations Officer prior to use of these courses. You must watch the video and pass the test to get credit for the initial course. You may simply take the test for recurring training. 

Instructor Pilots, Mission Check Pilots or Skills Evaluators: Plan to go over the results of the course exam with the student regardless of results. Once the exam is graded and the student achieves a passing score of 80% or higher, have the pilot upload the last page of the test to Ops Quals. The MFT course exams should be graded by an Instructor or Check Pilot, while the MFC course exam should be graded by a Mountain Flying Certified SET. Once the pilot passes the MFC ground and flight training, sign of his/her MFC SQTR in Ops Quals. Contact your wing Director of Operations or Emergency Services for exam keys. 


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