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What’s New in Health Services

1. A new Regulation (CAPR 79-1) is in coordination, pending final approval. It will lay out the specific duties and requirements of a HSO.

2. A new pamphlet, CAPP 79-1, is also in development and review. This will line out the specialty track guidelines. It will be released with the new regulations.

3. Health Service Forms CAPF 79-1, 79-2, 79-3 are receiving updates to comply with the new regulations. I expect them to be released concurrently with the regulation and pamphlet.

I think it’s important to note that Health Services Officers will be expected to understand the Safety System and to be able to cooperate and coordinate with Commanders and Incident Commanders in the Emergency Services system. You should also have a good understanding of the Education and Training system (formerly known as Professional Development) .

It is also important to know that although we are licensed in our respective specialties and professions, CAP does NOT offer medical care and treatment. All care required for the IMMEDIATE health and safety of an individual may be delivered in the same way in which we would help somebody found down in the street while we await arrival of First Responders.

All states have some sort of Good Samaritan law protecting providers from civil litigation providing you practice within the limits of your licensure, education, training and experience and providing you accept no remuneration for your services. Prescribing medications beyond ordinary OTC remedies leaves you wide open for legal difficulties and is not in any way covered nor condoned by CAP.

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