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Harlan R Ribnik, MD. ℅
Pain Consultants of the Rockies, PC
4136 Laramie Street
Cheyenne, WY 82001

*Discount for CAP Members. Exams available in Casper, WY and Cheyenne, WY

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Note: All airmen (this term includes people of all genders to avoid too much confusion) who have had any serious medical problems or who have received a Special Issuance of their Aviation Medical Certificate should visit their treating physicians and obtain a clinical note reflecting current status of their medical condition within 60 days of their appointment for an Aviation Medical Exam.
If you have required any surgery,  special diagnostic testing or imaging, copies of the reports must be accompanied by all images, tracings, radiographs, MRIs, etc to be sent to the FAA.  As nice it as may sound, a letter from your cardiologist saying, “fit to fly” is not adequate.  It will result in a request from OK City for more information, delaying processing of your application.

You can save yourself a lot of frustration if you contact your AME to learn just what you need to provide at the time of your examination.  There may be times when the AME will suggest a “pre-exam” meeting. The cost for this is determined by the AME, not the FAA, but you may find it helps move things along more rapidly in the age of Pandemics and people working at home. Don’t be shy about calling ahead. “Failure to plan is planning to fail.” - Dr. Benjamin Franklin)

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