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Rocky Mountain Region - Emergency Services

Program Goal:  To provide the highest level of cost and mission effective readiness, and both an agile and safe response, with the assigned resouces of the Rocky Mountain Region of Civil Air Patrol, to support the emergent lifesaving needs of citizens within the five state Region. The Region will also be capable of deploying its resources to other regions to meet nation-wide needs during major disasters and other nation-level emergencies.  These will include, aircraft, vehicles, personnel, airborne imagery, command & control and communications, chaplain, blood collection and transport support, and other teams/resources/capabilities. 

Director - Lieutenant Colonel Robert "Dr. Bob" Ditch, EdD, CEM 


Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Region - Emergency Services Webpage. It is built around the five sublink areas of ES Contact's, Training, Exercises, Conferences, Planning, and Initiatives. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the below subject matter areas. 

 - Roster and RMR Emergency Services Planning & Advisory Council (ESPAC): Emergency Services Contacts | RMR CAP


- Situational Awareness Briefs: Situational Awareness - Current SITREPS, Briefs and Reports | RMR CAP-Includes Weather/Storm Forecasts and Reports


- Training Resources & Schedules of Classes: Emergency Services - Training | RMR CAP


- Exercises and SchedulesEmergency Services Exercises | RMR CAP 


- Conferences: Emergency Management - Conferences | RMR CAP


- Planning & Guidance Documents: Emergency Services Planning Documents & Guidance | RMR CAP


- Initiatives & Projects: Emergency Services - Initiatives & Projects | RMR CAP



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